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" You Have to Wear the Clothes that You Want "


"We don't have a consistent, everyday concept about how to dress. Instead, we just choose whatever we want. We don't care what other people think.  If we like it, if we're happy, if it's fun then we will wear it. That's what's important about styling. The key thing about fashion is deciding what your daily mood is and then going with it. We think we should stay true to our personal style and mood."

▲FASHION NETWORK SEATTLE ⓒ TIN NEWSAt this year's 2012 /13 F/W Fashion week, you were both a sensation. You met a lot of fashion contacts and everyone was buzzing about you two. I was also happy to meet you . After Seoul fashion week was over, I wanted to meet you again. So on a breezy afternoon we met at an outdoor cafe. While we were speaking, I noticed that onlookers were staring at us, wondering who these quirky fashionistas were whom I was talking to.
-I have a question for you both: for our fashion readers of Tin News, please give us a personal introduction about yourselves. And how did you get an overseas press pass at fashion week?
"My name is Jung Hyun Yoo and I live in Seoul. Sung Jung is my high school friend and our Korean age is 24. We are currently students. We recently started helping with a fashion company in Seattle called Fashion Network. That's how we got the overseas press pass.'

-Did you know you are both a big hit among the people in the fashion industry?
"No! Never! We didn't know that. During Seoul Fashion Week, few people seemed directly interested in us-just a few foreigners and some street fashion photographers. So we were so sad because it seemed like there were a few moments of interest, but mostly no one seemed interested."

-What does fashion mean to you?
"Until we die, we will wear bling bling shoes, colorful socks, and fun bags and accessories. This is something we pledge to do for our whole lives."

-What is your opinion about Seoul Fashion Week as whole?
"This year, fashion week seemed to have many problems. They put up the schedule too late and changed it too much. This caused a lot of problems. But, we noticed that more people in the audience had a passion for fashion, so we were very pleased about that."

-What do you want to say to your fashion fans or fashion people?
"We are not yet perfect, so we are really grateful about everything and everyone's encouragement. Even though people are often disagreeing in the fashion world, we say- don't argue so much and don't lose your personal identity."
- Yoon Kyung Won kwyune@yahoo.co.kr

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