22 May, 2016

1 Euro Market in Berlin

on news 'BZ-berlin' and other news..
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Enjoyed the video! 

16 May, 2016


From German TV channel aspekte
("Discovery of a young artist -
The 26 year old artist Alexander Iskin began with table tennis and then learned more or less self-taught painting.")
at 06.05.2015 23:00
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Photographies by Christoph Neumann


Design by Jarow
  Styling : Egg x Mima x Jarow
Model : Mima x Egg x Jarow
Photography : Galya Feierman

Jarow by L.A born, Berlin based designer Jason Morrow of "Jarow Designs" Specializes in extraordinary custom Jackets, fine Jewellery and high quality leather ACC.

Recently, Madonna is wearing Jarow jacket, the paparazzi photographs were taken this pictures.

Thank you so much!! It was so fun! 

12 May, 2016