My original hair color is black, but I always dye my hair.
Two months ago, I suddenly wanted pink hair. I still want it!
' I already tried dying my entire head a light shade of pink, but my hair wasn't healthy enough so I went back to red. Right after my hair dying adventure, I noticed some korean movie stars had pink hair. 김옥빈 (kim ok bin), who recently starred in the movie 시체가 돌아왔다(Over my deadbody,2012), had bright pink short hair. Hot!
Because of this movie, korean women are all wanting to have pink hair. Me too!
Kim ok bin (Korea Actress)

 In fact, all of my friends know that I want pink hair because I talk about it all the time.
 I saw a foreigner in the press section at Seoul Fashion week and she had multi-colored clip-in hair pieces. I called her "it girl" all week. She gave me an idea. Now, I don't have to dye my hair, I can buy clip-in extensions. I found some colored extensions for $4 on ebay! (thanks Melissa!)
 Pink is already popular now so I want a new thing.
 I predict that blue hair will be popular soon. 
Next will come purple! But I still want pink for now.